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Solutions for Business

Databases (More info)- What do you need a database for? The possibilities are endless but here are just a few:

  • Customer/Contact Management
  • Internet Commerce
  • Linking systems on different platforms
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Tracking
  • Gathering field data from technicians
  • Your innovative ideas are the limit!

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E-Mail (see Network Servers also)- E-mail has taken over as the preferred method of data exchange. Brown Dog provides email and groupware in it's installation of Exchange Server (which is also included in the Back Office Server and Back Office Small Business products). This product is capable of handling all of your internal and external email needs in one package.

If you just need e-mail and don't need or want the groupware functionality of Exchange, Brown Dog also provides Linux E-mail servers for a fraction of the cost.

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Faxing and Dial-up - Going paperless is a beautiful thing. Brown Dog offers desktop and network faxing solutions that make it appear as though you are simply printing your document from your Windows applications and receiving through email or a network storage location.
Remote Dial-Up solutions allow you to either dial in or out of your network to or from pratically anywhere.

All that you need is at least one available dedicated phone line. Solutions are available from simple desktop faxing to network configuration with multiple modems. Products include:

  • Microsoft BackOffice Server
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Castelle FaxPress
  • 3COM/US Robotics
  • Linux

and all provide various levels of scalability and routing for your needs.

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File Storage and Backups (see also Network Data Retriever) - The single most important factor to your longevity in business may be how you recover from problems and catastrophes. If you don't have a contingency plan on how to handle data failures and unexpected catastrophes your business may exist only on borrowed time.

Brown Dog formulates your backup plan and installs the correct products based on a tested formula of experience, your input, and your level of automation expertise.

Solutions may range in a stand-alone or combined version of these products:

  • Linux and your recyclable hardware
  • Windows Backup
  • Veritas Backup Exec
  • Portable Hard Drive products
  • Seagate TapeStor or Hornet Drives
  • Sony DLT
  • Sony Jukeboxes/Libraries

If you need additional storage and are thinking about investing a large amount of money in another SCSI hard drive for your server, you may want to think again. Brown Dog provides products that offer the same reliability and accessibiliy for half the cost by recycling your existing products with Linux, Western Digital IDE hard drives, or using Quantum SNAP servers.

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Help Desk - (More info click here) - Brown Dog provides fast answers to the everyday nagging PC & Network problems faced by your business. Help Desk services give you the freedom to pick up a phone or email your problem to a qualified tech on either a per call or retainer basis. If your problem extends beyond what communication over the phone will allow, Brown Dog also offers remote connectivity and on-site services to make sure your problems are solved quickly so you can get back-to-business.

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Internet Access (More info click here) - Is your internet access adequate for your business? Are you paying too much? Do you need other features like remote access to your network?
If you're asking yourself these questions Brown Dog Net Services can probably help.

We are not an ISP, however, we offer consulting on how to make your internet connection work with your network reliably and securely. We also provide the hardware and installation services to pick-up where your ISP left-off.

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Multi-Purpose Suites (See also Network Servers)- You're not alone if more than one category on this page matches your automation needs. Brown Dog provides:

  • Microsoft Back Office Server
  • Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server
  • Linux Debian, Suse, RedHat

to provide substantial discounts to those businesses who require e-mail, groupware, faxing, internet serving, database, file sharing, printing, dial-up capabilities in one suite of server products.

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Network (See also Network Services)- The word 'network' has many meanings. Brown Dog strives to be a full service network provider. If you're not networked, expecting to move, or looking to upgrade your expectations probably aren't different from most business owners.

You probably have the following priorities in mind:

  • Speed/Power in relation to cost
  • Astethics
  • Capacity for growth
  • Platform Compatability

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Printing (See also Network Servers) - Brown Dog knows that few things stop production like printing problems. For network printing Brown Dog recommends either recycling old PC's (Pentium class and older) as print servers (if available) or using HP Jet Direct products. HP products come with multiple configuration utilities to offer maximum flexibility to the end-user.

Printing configurations that Brown Dog offers include:

  • Stand Alone
  • Client Server Microsoft Networks
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • Linux Networks
  • Remote internet printing with Windows 2000 Terminal Services or Linux

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Web Sites (More info) - Brown Dog provides a wide variety of Web Site Designs and Web Server Installations including:

  • Domain and E-Mail Hosting
  • Shopping Carts
  • JavaScript Development
  • Python Script Development
  • MySQL and PostGreSQL Development
  • Apache & IIS Server Installation and Troubleshooting

We will work with your server(s) or your ISP on Linux or Windows platforms.

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WAN - VPN - Remote Access (See also Internet Access)- Brown Dog builds secure point-to-point or VPN WAN's with Linux products. These solutions are scalable from simple remote access to full point-to-point network connections over T1. The benefits of this style of WAN include:
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Large amount of support available
  • Large amount of application variants avaible
  • Extremely flexible

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