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Modern databases have changed the way we perform day to day business by providing speed, scalability, and by operating on a variety of platforms. Brown Dog provides MySQL (a free program) installation and maintenance service, which runs on Unix-Like systems like Unix, B, Linux, and Windows operating systems. We can also assist you in the configuration and deployment of Microsoft Access programs and programs which utilize Access as the 'front end'.

We specialize in creating secure databases with web interfaces for businesses. Web interfaces developed in this manner can serve a variety of hardware devices; anything that can access the internet and utilize a web browser can send and receive data to and from your business.

Databases can provide extensive tracking, reporting, and information serving capabilities to speed your sales by adding comprehensive service for your customers. Development services from Brown Dog are not only affordable but provide real automation for your business.

Brown Dog Net Services LLC, 125 Dorland Ave. Berea Ohio 44017

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