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Electronic Document Delivery System


This system provides an easy method to e-mail your contacts any professional looking brochures, advertisements, newsletters, or any other web document you create. Documents are received in MIME format (looks like a web document or graphic) instead of standard text. A detailed explanation of why this form of communication is so important can be found here.

The management console is accessible from any browser inside your organization and security can be controlled with multiple methods. E-mails can be sent manually or automatically via a schedule you create. Contacts are entered manually into the system or imported from Outlook exports by way of an ODBC compliant database program.. Administration can be delegated by creating interfaces accessed by username and password.

If recipients do not wish to have further automated correspondance, they simply reply to the e-mail with the word 'remove' anywhere in the subject line. Their name in the contact database is then automatically marked as 'inactive' and no longer receive automatic correspondance.


The following list summarizes the features of this system:

  • Automatic or manual document delivery
  • Automatic status changes for recipients who do not wish to receive correspondance.
  • Import contacts from Outlook with a free ODBC download (you must have Microsoft Access)
  • Contact management tools including a storage area for call notes
  • Built-in report for recipients who remove themselves from automatic reception
  • Flexible security options


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