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Network Services for Servers

Microsoft - The most widely accepted platform for business can provide unsurpassed usability with easy administration and a barage of useful features. We provide professional deployment service for:

File & Printer sharing - This is included in all Microsoft server solutions.
E-Mail - Simple SMTP services are now provided in Windows 2003 Server solutions. For more a more robust solution including groupware functionality, Exchange is still the smart choice.
Terminal Services - Provides a modern Windows experience on the most meager hardware or for remote connectivity while away from the office.
Databases - Need a storage facility for your data? We provide Microsoft Access and SQL server deployments as well as free software like MySQL server.
Suites - If you're looking at two or more features listed above you may also need to consider Microsoft BackOffice or SmallBusiness BackOffice Suites. These packages combine Exchange, SQL Server, Network Faxing, and more with the operating system. These tightly integrated suites have proven to be Microsoft's best values.

Linux - The free operating system that is coming into it's own as a stable business platform. In addition to providing basic server functions like DNS, PXE, DHCP, and file & printer sharing, more open source applications are written for this platform everyday. Check out this list of free server applications:

File & Printer Sharing - Multi-platform tools are available to provide print server, file sharing, NFS, domain server, and NetWare server functions using the Linux operating system.
E-Mail - Several open source tools such as G-Mail and SendMail servers provide SMTP & POP3 tools.
Routing/Firewalls - Most companies leave a wake of legacy hardware behind them. Linux provides basic yet sophisticated firewall and routing tools that enables the use of those legacy systems to take over the roles of vastly more expensive hardware.
Databases - Several stable SQL servers are available for Linux. We are using one to run this web site. Web, Java, & other applications are easily integrated into sophisticated database interfaces.
Suites - So many open source programs are available for Linux that you can easily combine them into 1 computer. E-Mail, Web Servers, SQL Servers, Various types of network servers, Faxing, and much more.

Troubleshooting - Professional technicians provide software and hardware diagnostic tools to solve your server issues by phone, remote access, or on-site. Windows and Linux operating systems as well as a large number of software applications are supported.
Hardware Sales - Looking for recommendations on server products? Contact us! We provide fee-based consulting, recommendations, and quotes on server software or hardware products or visit our online store.

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