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Network Services for Workstations

Imaging and Deployment - Decreases the time spent in system deployment on average from 3 hours to 30 minutes or less. Systems like this can eliminate the need for professional troubleshooting at expensive hourly rates. We provide workstation and enterprise solutions of Symantec Ghost with additional automation. Our system provides simplistic restores 'for do-it-yourselfers' or more sophisticated, feature-rich installations for administrators.
Diskless Workstations - Tired of constantly upgrading hardware and the costly deployments that always follow? Many companies, schools, libraries, and government agencies have begun simply using low-cost workstation hardware, their existing Windows 2000 or greater server, and Linux to provide a low-cost, fast method to upgrade their clients to run Windows 2000 or 2003 on as little as Pentium class systems.
Troubleshooting - Professional technicians provide software and hardware diagnostic tools, education, and experience to solve your computer issues by phone, remote access, or on-site. Windows and Linux operating systems as well as a large number of software applications are supported.
Hardware Sales - Looking for recommendations on workstation products? Contact us! We provide free recommendations and quotes on workstation software or hardware products or visit our online store.
Workstation Software - Brown Dog provides installation and troubleshooting service for accounting, anti-virus, back-up, office, email, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and your specific applications to minimize the chances of data loss and keep your production on-track.
Help Desk - Many companies' employees simply need an 'information boost' to get them through day-to-day hurdles with many of the most common applications. With a phone call, those problems are easily over-come. We provide service via annual or monthly agreements or simply by time & material.

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