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On-Line Data Backups

Since the popularity of broadband internet connections has moved into almost every office, On-Line Data Backups has become a large focus of our business. One way you can let your broadband connection pay for itself is to use it as a conveyance to network management.

Our system provides a replacement for the high cost of tape backup systems and the hidden costs associated with them; including the extremely high price of forgetting them until it's too late.

Our data backup services provide three levels of data protection to ensure recovery from data loss is swift and accurate:

Off-Site Archival - Businesses that simply need an off-site storage area to clean off your internal disks and protect that data from theft, natural disasters, etc.

On-Line Daily Backups - Keeps a 'mrror' of your data off-site and accessible through a browser. A second copy is created weekly, which makes it an ideal service for businesses or individuals that do not need to maintain data over 2 weeks or just want an inexpensive method to keep data off-site automatically.

Disaster Recovery Options - This option is designed to replace costly tape backup systems. It includes Email & Web Interface Reports, new copies are created weekly and 1 copy is archived once per month and kept for 1 year. A second copy of your mirrored data is kept in a secure, off-site location.

All three options provide a web interface for reporting, billing, file restoration.

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