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Hardware Recycling

The Problems - Many companies are now finding a new technology problem; getting rid of old technology. Now that the industry has survived years of growth, the problem arises of what to do with the growing heaps of electronics.

Old PC's are not only an eyesore, but also have the following equally non-attractive attributes:

Some types of equipment such as old monitors contain lead or other harmful elements; making them a disposal problem.
The rubble can take up a great deal of space that companies generally pay for by the foot.
In terms of the environment, over 22 million PC's were manufactured in 1998. Many many more since then have been manufactured. Landfills are a wasteful and expensive option.

Our Solution - While old/reduntant hardware may not run the latest Microsoft operating systems and applications, they do run other operating systems such as Linux very well.

Your old hardware can be turned into a router, a data backup system, an email server, a web server, and much more.

To read more about these applications click here.

Other Solutions - Organizations exist to handle the onslaught of technical hardware. Here's a couple:

Brown Dog Net Services LLC, 125 Dorland Ave. Berea Ohio 44017

P: (216)906-9090, F: (440)760-2275,